Visual Designer

Working across different projects and platforms
from creative concepts to finished artefacts.

Online and offline visual communication. Iconography and infographics. Interaction design and graphical interface. Native prototyping on device.


I have a long work experience, started when Graphic Designers drew on paper, using Pantone markers and phototypesetting. I went trough traditional animation, then Flash animations and first web sites later. Since the interaction has become available, a new awesome dimension has been added to my job. I have devoted much effort in learning always new techniques and tools. Today my activities are creating wireframe concepts and navigable prototypes, designing responsive and mobile oriented interfaces. I consider important to keep myself up to date with current design paradigms and lastly I enjoy to collaborate with front-end developers or other different background workmate.

  • Creative thinking
  • Minded person
  • Always updated
  • Always learning
  • Good team member
  • Cycling to work

My work

My current position is graphic consultant at Telecom Lab in Turin. I am member of two teams being involved on design of two different apps: MyTIM Fisso and Telefono. Please visit Behance for a glance to some projects in which I have been working in recent years.

App design

Research on iOS and Android last trends. Human centered design with a consistency check of graphics decisions under the brand guidelines.

Web & Mobile

Online branding and ADV: web site, landing page, DEM, banner.


Corporate visual identity: logo design, style guide. From brief to artwork of booklet, leaflet and any other printed material of visual communication.


Feel free to contact me for any request or information.